Window Cleaning:

Upward Prowash LLC routine window cleaning service includes the removal of common environmental debris such as dirt, grime, bird droppings, etc. Excessive buildup of a-typical debris such as paint, plaster, concrete, stickers, tape, etc. must be indicated on the work order and noted prior to service. Removing hard water stains, mineral deposits and etching from your glass are not included in our routine service and require extra time, cleaning solutions and a waiver to protect against pre-existing conditions. Broken seals, fogging and moisture between your panes can only be addressed by replacement of the pane itself.

Gutter Cleaning:

Gutter cleaning service includes the removal of debris inhibiting the normal flow of water in your gutter system.  Upward Prowash LLC cannot address any blockage occurring underground. If this issue is spotted, we will attempt to notify you at the time of service. Full-service gutter cleaning comes with a 90 day guarantee. If your gutters are clogged during this time we will return and unclog them at no charge. This does not apply to homes with overgrown trees within 10 feet of your gutter line or clogs due to improper installation or underground blockage.

Vinyl Siding Cleaning:

Low pressure siding cleaning includes the removal of common environmental debris such as dirt, grime, algae and mildew which adhere to siding. Excessive staining or build-up of a-typical debris such as mold spores, oxidation and staining or loose siding are not included and should be noted on your work order before time of service. Although low pressure is used for siding cleaning, damage can occur due to poor maintenance and/or low-grade building materials. The homeowner should consult their builder or siding manufacturer to ensure the surface is safe to be cleaned.


● Have access to a working exterior water spigot.

● Access to one functioning electrical outlet.

● Ensure all windows and doors are shut and secure.

● Secure all pets while cleaning.

● Remove all sensitive items which could be susceptible to damage.

Roof Softwashing & 1 Year Limited Warranty:

Upward Prowash LLC does not use high-pressure or wire brushes during service and follows industry SoftWash Systems process and procedures. A soft brooming estimate would be provided to agitate and remove excess build-up before applying our cleaning solution which will kill 100% of the remaining organic growth and its root systems. All remaining dead compounds may take up to 6 months to disappear naturally. This process was designed to thoroughly clean your roof without damaging shingles.

If any mold, mildew or moss growth is observed within 12 months of your service Upward Prowash LLC will return and retreat these areas at no charge.  Your warranty covers correctly pitched roof types such as shingles, concrete / clay tile, asbestos and compound surfaces with no pooling on the roof surface.

Tree limbs and debris resting on or within eight (8) feet of a roof surface can void our warranty. This limited warranty is transferable to the new owner of a property.

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