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Vinyl Siding & Stucco Soft Wash Cleaning

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           Upward Prowash offers Soft Wash House Washing, also known as low pressure cleaning or low pressure washing, is a term used to describe a safe and effective process used by professional pressure washing companies for cleaning a variety of exterior surfaces on buildings and homes. Basically, it’s a process of gently applying cleansing solutions on a surface with low pressure, then gently rinsing the dirt and grime away with fresh water.

            Soft Wash cleaning has found exclusive use by the best professional pressure washing companies for many reasons. Considering all of the variables involved with pressure washing a home’s exterior, the use of high pressure for cleaning a home poses little to no benefit versus cleaning with low pressure.

            We’ve all seen the damage pressure cleaning with high pressure has caused to window screens, siding, decks and exterior lighting. While only providing minimal results, there is also the added risk of property damage when using high pressure to clean. Soft washing eliminates that potential for damage. How about climbing a ladder or scaling a roof only to pull the trigger on a high pressure wand, shooting water forward and potentially have whoever is holding it being pushed backwards? That’s a liability nobody would look forward to being a part of. Soft washing takes that liability out of the equation.With the low pressure soft washing method, your home’s exterior truly ends up cleaner, offering a healthier space to spend time in. It’s literally disinfected! High pressure only removes the surface dirt, mildew, mold and algae, leaving those grimy spores deep in the surfaces. Using properly developed, eco friendly soaps containing algaecides, surfactants and rinsing agents, soft washing completely disinfects and loosens those unsightly stains, while clean water rinses them away completely. You will notice a longer lasting clean, whereas those living bacteria have to begin the process of recurring again from scratch.