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Wood deck restoration

What Makes Our Deck Power Washing Process Different?

         Although it might sound silly – hiring a professional technician that has been trained to pressure wash decks is important to the cleaning process. Unlike some other external surfaces around your property, cleaning your deck properly requires a lot more technical knowledge. If done wrong, the damage could be permanent. By using the correct water pressure, high GPM professional machine and detergent to remove the dirt, mold and algae build-up will lay the foundation for the next steps. If done incorrectly you will see streaks and water marks due to using the wrong water pressure and detergent. Many times we see that the deck surface has been damaged heavily due to improper technique and high pressure.

           Once your deck has been properly cleaned we apply a deck brighter to remove any tanning or rust stains and to it balance the pH before applying the stain. The deck will then need to dry so it can be treated with a sealer or stain to bring back and hold its natural beauty. It typically takes 1-2 days to dry in warm, dry conditions. 

           There are many producers of wood sealers in a variety of colors. Our technician can assist you in picking a color. Adding color adds additional protection as color helps block the UV light damage which can dull your deck.

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